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Cast members Maddie Frost, Lia Graham, Beth Dietze, and Anabeth Icenhower preform "Silent Sky" in their UIL One Act Play competition. The show advanced to the 5A Region II on March 24, 2021 in their home theater.
Reach for the stars
Story by Taylor Bayonne, staff writer • March 31, 2021

Many young actors and actresses crowd around a laptop in a dressing room hoping, wishing and praying that all their hard work will finally pay off.  Little did they know, they would do something that had not been done in over 20 years. Then, just like that, their hopeful thinking and good wishes came true: the virtual awards ceremony playing on the small screen announced their school. The Tiger Theatre...

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A TISD guard directs after school school traffic. The TISD traffic guards work shifts before and after school.
Traffic ahead 
Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature editor • March 30, 2021

For as long as schools have different do’s and don'ts of attending, there will be students who ignore policies while skimming the never ending list of rules and regulations. While bending a few rules may make arriving or leaving campus more convenient to students and parents, this may create more problems than it solves.  School policy states that students are to park in the designated student...

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21 partakers in Assad Day stand together with the real Assad Malik hoisted in the air. This holiday was created by Malik
Attack of the clones
Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief • March 12, 2021

On Aug. 12, 2003, Assad Malik entered this world. From his humbling perspectives on life and his expertise in videography, Malik proudly made his mark on the individuals he’s come in contact with.  While it’s not necessarily his birthday or an official holiday, March 12 marks the day that the entirety of his peers, ranging from students to school staff, came together to honor his existence...

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A teacher receives her COVID-19 vaccine in the Sullivan Performing Arts Center. About 275 staff members received the one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Teachers take shots
Story by Macy Maynard, staff writer • March 11, 2021

TISD, along with the Bowie County Health Department, held a vaccination clinic for employees Wednesday at the Sullivan Performing Arts Center.   “When [the state] made it available [to teachers], TISD just moved into action and made it happen for their people,” Principal Carla Dupree said. “I think it shows how much we value our teachers and our educators.” Employees were allowed to...

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Senior Lia Graham addresses the members of last night
Acting on ambitions
Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief • March 9, 2021

Years of passion and dedication could no longer be silenced. Senior Lia Graham made her voice heard on March 8, 2021, during a meeting held at the City Hall of Texarkana, Texas. Graham reached out to Mayor Bob Bruggeman to propose her idea of March being named as Theatre in our Schools Month (TIOSM).  “Jennifer Evans responded on behalf of the mayor, and said that he would like to present a proclamation...

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Students eat the pre-prepared meals during the annual Bacon Fry. The individually packadged bisquits and bacon were set out for seniors to grab before school.
A Fry-day like no other
Story by Peyton Sims, editor in chief • March 5, 2021

The smell of bacon fills the air, followed by seniors reciting traditional Friday night sports chants  from the pit next to the cafeteria. Students then gathered in the courtyard on March 5 for the annual senior sunrise and bacon fry which usually happens prior to the Texas vs. Arkansas football game. However, considering the event was canceled in September, these traditions are being revived like...

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COVID escalates in Texarkana area
COVID escalates in Texarkana area
Story by Cate Rounds, editor in chief • March 3, 2021

March 2020. A time when the coronavirus swept the nation without warning. What was meant to be a two week break turned into a lockdown. Many thought that things would calm down after a few months. Now, almost a year later, cases continue to rise in the area, and with a spike occurring after Thanksgiving and Christmas, it doesn’t seem like those numbers are slowing down. “People are trying to...

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Overwhelmed by the chaos, a students phones a family member to alert them of the bomb threat on the school. Since January, three bomb threats have been made on THS.
Triple threat
Story by Doug Kyles, news editor • March 2, 2021

Out of nowhere a calm, yet startling, voice comes across the announcement system, and thousands of peoples’ days are derailed for the next hour or more. As hordes of students and staff scramble out of classes, fear and confusion fill the air. From late January to late February, three separate bomb threats were made against Texas High School. The school worked with local police forces and the F.B.I....

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Junior Maddie Frost and senior Lia Grahm perform during Tiger Theater Company
Playing the past
Story by Doug Kyles, news editor • March 1, 2021

Behind each and every scientific breakthrough there are more names than the one who gets credit. Tiger Theatre Company’s next production does more than tell a story, it highlights some of the unknown figures who made our modern understanding of astronomy possible.  Centering around the story of female astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, the play will highlight the figure’s contributions to the astronomical...

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AP exam registration
AP exam registration
Story by Cate Rounds, editor in chief • February 24, 2021

Students in AP classes can now register for the upcoming AP tests. Registration forms must be returned to Charlotte Leon, Assistant principal for Student Advancement, by March 5. Registration is also available online through My School Bucks. Students can receive forms from their AP teachers or by going to Leon’s office. The fees are $95 per exam. Cash or checks should be returned to Leon along...

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Snow covers Old Redwater Rd. in Wake Village on Feb. 15. The winter storm forced multiple roadways to shutdown.
After the melt
Story by Dakota Dennard February 22, 2021

Teachers scramble to get their work done, student athletes try to make up for the time they lost and the school staff attempts to hold the pieces together. While the snow proved to have its effects on families, businesses and schools, the repercussions remain after the snow has since melted.   Although you can take away days from summer vacation to make up for those lost, the state testing days...

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Texas High School remains covered in snow after the first round of the winter storm. With more snow falling the night before Feb. 17, classes were canceled due to the unsafe driving conditions.
A snowy situation
Story by Dakota Dennard, guest writer • February 17, 2021

In Texarkana, Texas, a miracle happened. On Feb. 15, everyone woke up to a winter wonderland outside of their window. Starting at 9 p.m. on Sunday, the snow slowly built upon itself to equal approximately 7 ½ inches.  “I doubt we will get 10 inches of snow again in the next decade,” Stacie Dennard said. “I’m glad for that too. I prefer the weather to be 90 degrees.” All of this snow...

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On Feb. 15, residents of Texarkana looked out their windows to see endless amounts of snow. School has already been canceled on Feb. 17 due to predicted snow fall.
An angry climate’s consequences
Story by Doug Kyles, news editor • February 16, 2021

Look out your nearest icy, frozen window and gaze on a snowscape worthy of Alaska. Then, remember you are actually, in fact, in East Texas. It’s obvious the current weather conditions in our area (and state as a whole) are not normal.  Currently, our (roughly) 8 inch snowfall rivals NOAA observation stations in part of the Arctic. And compared to our area historically, we’re currently beating...

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submitted photo.
Senior twins named National Merit Scholarship Finalists
Story by Peyton Sims and Taylor Bayonne February 12, 2021

Within the past week, two hard working students at Texas High were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Senior twins Jenna and Kate Woodard have both been named National Merit Scholarship Finalists.  The Woodards are among 7,600 finalists for the scholarship. In October, the two were named semifinalists along with 16,000 other students. The pool of students that the scholarship committee...

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The 2021 graduation is scheduled for May 29 at Tiger Stadium at Grim Park. The ceremony will begin at 10a.m., and each student will receive six guest tickets.
Glad to have grad
Story by Peyton Sims and Doug Kyles February 5, 2021

The day every senior has anticipated is steadily approaching. While COVID-19 is infamous for canceling and rescheduling events, TISD administration has been tentatively following the latest CDC guidelines to determine how the rest of the year will play out. On Feb. 4, Principal Carla Dupree met in the Performing Arts Center to inform the current seniors of upcoming events.  Here’s what the seniors...

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