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Heart of the matter

Photo by Oren Smith/Illustration by Margaret Debenport
February 13, 2020

Matters of the heart

Graphic by Anna Grace Jones
Instances of sudden cardiac death spark debate over effectiveness of physicals
February 13, 2020

It can hit anytime. It can hit in the first minute of practice. It can hit at the first play of the game. It can hit going into the locker room. It can hit away from the school, away from the field or...

Her heart still beats

Her heart still beats
Mother recounts son’s experience with heart condition
February 12, 2020

He is everywhere. He is embroidered on the quilt draped across the sofa, memorialized in the gallery of photos hung on the wall and, most strikingly, the subject of the massive portrait on the wall. A...

Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race
Graduate shares story of heart health, finding safety
February 11, 2020

Stepping into the ring, discus thrower Alyssa Higgins practiced the art of a powerful, high speed throw, but one place she did not anticipate high speeds was her heart rate. A high speed heart beat can...

Her baby boy

Her baby boy
Mother shares story in hopes of saving others
February 11, 2020

Leonard Parks had big feet. In fact, his mother claims that he went up one shoe size every year. When he was 9, he wore a size nine, at 10 he wore a size 10, and so on. At 17 years old, he wore size 16...

The answer changed everything

The answer changed everything
Childhood experiences affect teacher later in life
March 5, 2019

She was only a child, yet she knew what the empty bottles would cause. She knew what was happening was wrong, but she had no way of making them stop. It was their job to nurture her, but that did not seem...

Adverse childhood experiences

Graphic by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Childhood events can shape health issues later on in life
March 5, 2019

Adverse Childhood Experiences are traumatic or stressful events that occur before the age of 18. ACEs include abuse, neglect or household dysfunction. An ACE could be identified as a multitude of events,...

It starts at home

Home environments built on Adverse Childhood Experiences in which children grow up have lifelong implications.
Impact from ACEs can be overcome
March 5, 2019

The earliest stages of development occur during one’s childhood, so any experiences during that time can have a substantial impact on lifelong physical and mental health, especially if they are negative....

The cards you’re dealt

The cards you're dealt
March 5, 2019

Childhood traumas, also known as Adverse Childhood Experiences, have been tied to heart disease, diabetes, alcoholism, cancer and other medical conditions. These are the cards we're often dealt, but how...

A major question

Graphic by Joseph Rodgers
Tips on deciding on a college major
February 20, 2019

There it is. The dreaded blank. You click on the dropdown menu and select from hundreds of options. You gaze at the screen and log off due to your uncertainty. This is the fear for so many graduating...

Talk of the town

Downtown Texarkana is currently undergoing revitalization. One of those projects is the Grimm Hotel which will be converted into apartment units.
Our past dictates our future
January 30, 2019

Charming thrift shops backended by rundown alleys. Historic storefronts coated with peeling paint. Colorful artwork colliding with graffiti. Downtown Texarkana is a hotbed of contradictions and community...

Trailing behind

Texarkana College employees celebrate the opening of the Betty & Buddy Ledwell Workforce Training Center. The building opened on the TC campus on Nov. 27, 2018.
Brain drain, lack of soft skills hinders job growth
January 14, 2019

Texas Governor Greg Abbott touts that the State of Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world due to having unparalleled job creation and strong growth of metropolitan areas such as Dallas-Fort Worth,...

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