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Seeing double

Freshman class claims 11 sets of twins, set of triplets
Sophie Keller
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High school can be a long and winding road with twists and turns all throughout, and a lonely road if you enter alone; however, for a select 23 students in Texas High’s freshmen class, that will never be a concern.

The class of 2027 claims not one, not two, but 11 sets of twins and a set of triplets.  As you enter the freshman hallway of Texas High, there’s almost a five percent chance of seeing double amongst these 508 students, but not necessarily in the way one might think.

Despite the abundance of doubles in the freshman class, most are fraternal twins, not identical, so one might not even realize they’re siblings.

“A lot of people don’t think we’re actually related,” Gabriella Cowan said. “Some people don’t even think we’re twins. Some people think I’m in my junior or senior year, and they think he’s a freshman.”

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In addition to not looking alike, one consensus prevails among the twins of Texas High: just because you share a birthday, it doesn’t mean you share a personality.

“People [think] that just because you’re twins, you’re like the same person and that you have to share everything,” TyAyla Matthews said. “But you don’t have the same feelings [or] the ‘twintuition.’”

Further, the twins of Texas High stand as individuals, each with their own unique differences.

“[My brother’s] energy is not as bubbly and over excited as mine is,” Jonquivia Childs said. “He doesn’t really talk to anyone. He’s more quiet.”

That said, there proves an undeniable bond that is formed when you’re with each other from day one.

Acacia Nelson said, “Usually sisters fight often, but we don’t really fight that much…”

“…My mom always taught us that we’ve got to stick together,” Zanasia Nelson said. 

Even those that grew apart when they were younger understand that high school can be a whole new playing field, and it’s easier to get through it when you’re not alone.

“Growing up in elementary school we weren’t even that close because we had our different friend groups [and we went to different schools],” Zanasia Nelson said. “Since we moved down here it’s only me and her, so we gotta stick together which bonds us very closely.”

For others, this sort of “life-long link” began early on.

Gabriella Cowan said, “It’s like a built-in friend…”

People [think] that just because you’re twins, you’re like the same person and that you have to share everything, but you don’t have the same feelings [or] the ‘twintuition.’

— TyAyla Matthews

“…We didn’t have many people come over [growing up] just because we kind of entertained ourselves with each other,” Wyatt Cowan said.

Though the chance of one grade possessing 11 sets of twins and a set of triplets seems unlikely, the world record was actually set by Chicago High School in 2018 with 44 sets of twins. Because of these numbers, it’s no surprise that not all sets of twins would be familiar with one another. 

“We used to be friends with two of [the twins], but they moved away, so actually there are supposed to be 12 sets of twins,” Gabriella Cowan said. “We know a few of the other sets of twins, we just don’t know them really well. There’s just so many people.”

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Sophie Keller
Sophie Keller, Editor-In-Chief
Sophie Keller is the Editor-in-Chief of Tiger Times and is a senior in her third year of newspaper. She’s involved in a variety of clubs ranging from National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta to robotics and Student Council. She’s an aspiring writer and hopes to pursue something at least akin to journalism after she graduates. 
Oviya Justin
Oviya Justin, Copy Editor
Oviya Justin had always dreamed of being Copy Editor her second year of newspaper. It was a bucket list item only slightly below meeting Zendaya and being the first woman to walk on the moon, Dr. Pepper in hand. Aside from newspaper, she is Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta and T-High ASPIRE, a member of NHS, ITS, Calculus Club, Latin Club and the Superintendent Student Advisory Team and a Junior Lieutenant in drill team. She enjoys painting, reading, listening to music and New Girl. Justin has a heavy course load and plans to sink further and further into a state of insanity as her junior year progresses. She’s about as excited for the year ahead as she is to edit every single person’s staff bio.

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