Cringy and Georgia

Most embarrassing interactions found in show hitting the charts



Breanne Howey (center), Antonia Gentry (right) and Diesel La Torraca (left) star in Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia.” (NETFLIX/TNS)

Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

In late February of last year, Netflix released an original television series, “Ginny and Georgia.” The show follows the life of a single mom, Georgia Miller, and her two children, Ginny and Austin, as they move into a new town.

Everyone started watching the show when it came out last year, and the trailer made it seem like a great watch. While the show started out interesting, the level of second hand embarrassment became a little too much.

Wanna be soldier:

In the first episode, the mysterious bad boy, Marcus Baker, has caught the attention of Ginny, the daughter. The two have a few interactions before Marcus climbs through the window in Ginny’s two story house to “hookup.” 

Ginny thinks this may be something more and is astonished to see Marcus and his “girlfriend” Padma all cozy on the lockers in the hallway. Anger floods over Ginny, and she commits the most cringe act.

Marcus freaks as Ginny says she needs to tell Padma something, but instead of telling what occurred between the two, Ginny warns Padma she has something on her shirt. Before Ginny leaves the two alone she does a soldier salute to Marcus. 

Not only was that the cringiest act, but the beat dropped when Ginny saluted Marcus. Why did the producers think that scene would not get clowned by social media? Search “Ginny saluting Marcus,” and there’s a 100% chance that at least four videos will pop up.

Happy Friday

If the word cringe was a person, it would be Hunter. Ginny’s boyfriend at the time, Hunter sent her a cute video to wake up to, or at least he thought it was. However, the public thought the video was the complete opposite.

Snapchat, an app that allows communication between friends with pictures that use funny filters. The video that Hunter sent used the dog filter, transforming the person in the frame into a dog. The once popular filter is now seen as a cringy 2019 trend, but nonetheless Hunter used it.

On top of the filter, he chose to sing an uplifting morning greeting that would soon be plastered all over social media. “Happy Friday,” in which he sings the most iconic line, “It’s Friday happy Friday good morning Ginny welcome to Friday!”

Three cringe things about that line: what teenager sings to another? Who says “welcome to Friday?” And no one should ever be that happy for Friday that they use the dog filter while talking.

Tappy Tap

The name Hunter appears again, but now he has on tap shoes. That’s right, now we are gracing Ginny with a dance performance in front of the whole school. Who would do a tap number in front of teenagers out of free will?

The amount of cringe in the dance was crazy, and all for what? A birthday gift. If it were me, I would have rather wanted money or no gift at all. Don’t believe me, just google the dance and see for yourself.

The dance was rehearsed, so he really thought it out while practicing to embarrass himself. However, none of the other students in the show thought it was awkward. He had back up dancers for goodness sake. 

I could write so much more about the level of cringe in this show, but it would take a whole day. Just watch the show on Netflix, and you will understand just the level of awkwardness everyone is talking about.