Incumbent Republican President Trump


Story by Braden McKinnon, staff writer

Incumbent Republican President Trump. It seems like you either love him or you hate him with no inbetween. During Trump’s presidency many political concerns have started and ended. Let’s take a deeper look into some of the the many controversial moments of Trump’s presidential career:

  • The unemployment rates have decreased while the overall economy has increased 
  • In 2019, before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, America had the world’s eighth-highest per capita GDP (nominal/net worth) and the tenth-highest per capita GDP (purchasing power party)
  • Trump’s tax cuts for some businesses and individuals
  • He’s taken authority in foreign affairs. Example: Striking Syria in 2017
  • Trump believes that the coronavirus pandemic is not as big of a deal as the left-side people make it out to be
  • Protests due to racial issues under Trump’s term have developed
  • Increase in debt
  • Withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement which helped protect the environment
  • Start of the US-China trade war
  • Climate change is not viewed as a priority 
  • Removal of illegal immigrants
  • Less strict gun regulations