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Junior Joseph Haynes-Stewart comments upon the inaction and disappointing policies of the current Democratic Party.

A Democrat on Democrats

Story by Joseph Haynes-Stewart, Staff Writer September 24, 2021

We elect our leaders for change, and all we get is complacency. We actively go out of our way to vote, support and even campaign for those we believe in. Yet, we continue with the status quo. This tolerance...

The four years leading up to this election were, for many Americans, the most traumatic and stressful years of their lives. So many emotions ran through their body and soul as this administration controlled their country.

After the coup

Story by Aislyn Echols, opinion editor March 9, 2021

Jan. 7, 2021, the election results had been in for weeks. Joe Biden won. “It was rigged!” they screamed. “They cheated us!” they howled.  Trump supporters had chanted and protested ever since...

In todays age of activism, teachers share their own stances on some debated issues.

Raising their voices

Story by Taylor Bayonne, staff writer February 10, 2021

As the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent presidential election are some of our nation’s biggest focal points at the moment, many people take a look at our country’s current state and find...

Sophomore Olivia Huckabee, senior Graci Henard and sophomore Macy Maynard remain loyal to the Republican Party because of its stance on issues, such as gun control, abortion and biased media.

Why we back red

Story by Graci Henard, Macy Maynard and Olivia Huckabee January 21, 2021

Because of the recent events, the Republican Party has faced several blows to its reputation. However, not all Republicans supported this violence, and there are some of us who still cling to the Republican...

Whether it’s your “basic human rights” or “all your guns,” Americans on both sides are told every four years that the future of their freedom and democracy is on the line.

The case against polarization

Story by Doug Kyles, news editor December 1, 2020

Whether it’s your “basic human rights” or “all your guns,” Americans on both sides are told every four years that the future of their freedom and democracy is on the line. Yet, save for a few...

Democratic Presidential Nominee Biden

Democratic Presidential Nominee Biden

Story by Reese Langdon, staff writer November 4, 2020

Former Vice President/Democratic Presidential Nominee Biden. Biden, on the other hand, has almost all “settle” voters who just want to get Trump out of office. While Trump shows a businessman character,...

Incumbent Republican President Trump

Incumbent Republican President Trump

Story by Braden McKinnon, staff writer November 4, 2020

Incumbent Republican President Trump. It seems like you either love him or you hate him with no inbetween. During Trump’s presidency many political concerns have started and ended. Let’s take a deeper...

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Facts over feelings

Story by Braden McKinnon and Reese Langdon November 3, 2020

Without a doubt, this election has many controversies associated with it. Major political events that have been emphasized this year are racial rights, justice issues, tax fraud, more recently, the death...

What democracy determined

What democracy determined

Story by Doug Kyles, news editor November 3, 2020

As the country’s contentious contest winds down today, it’s become clear that though today is National Election Day, we may not receive results on the presidential election for some time. What can...

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It’s time for young people to vote

Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer October 3, 2020
With social equality issues and a rampant global pandemic, 2020 has been overwhelming for Americans. On top of that, it’s an election year, and our candidates’ opposing positions on both issues have sparked interest in politics and intense partisanship. As a result, voter interest among young people has been at an all-time high. Election Day is just around the corner and registered Texas High students have much to say about voting this Election Year.
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A presidential showdown

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor September 28, 2020

As generations progress, technology is invented and improved. Therefore, the internet has grown its far-reaching impact on society and culture. In the previous and current years, the media has added an...

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at an event during his 2016 presidential campaign. In a historic election on Nov. 6, Cruz narrowly won reelection for his seat over Democratic challenger Rep. Beto ORourke in the most expensive Senate race in American history.

Midterm election results

Story by Joseph Rodgers, editor in chief November 7, 2018

As the midterm election results swept over the media nationwide, political pundits were correct in the prediction that the Republicans would make gains in the Senate and the Democrats would flip control...

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