Greg Abbott

Texas Governor

The incumbent Republican in the governor race for Texas is Greg Abbott. Abbott is the 48th Governor of Texas and has been so since 2015. Before his election to the governorship, Abbott served as a member of the Texas Supreme Court as well as Texas’s longest-serving Attorney General. With serving over 25 years in the Texas government, Abbott has set

precedent with his actions. Some of the recent laws that he has signed are an Active Shooter Alert System in Texas, the outlawing of abortion in Texas, penalizing cities that defund their police departments and authorizing constitutional carry in Texas. These laws are all very similar to the campaign promises. According to his website, Abbott is in support of growing the economy by promising to deliver a tax relief package totaling $4 billion with $2.5 billion coming from a corporate tax break. Along with this, he is an advocate for the Second Amendment touting constitutional carry as his main policy. He promises on protecting religious freedoms by “championing the conservative values and religious liberties that define Texans.” Securing the border is also another point of importance for Abbott as he signed a bill that allows the Texas Department of Public Safety officers to apprehend migrants and transport them to border points. These are just a few of the policies that Abbott touts throughout his campaign.

Nathaniel Moran

U.S. District 1 House Seat

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Running under the Republican ticket for the US District 1 seat in congress is Nathaniel Moran. Moran represented District 5 on the Tyler City Council from 2005 through 2009. Afterward, he became a Smith County Judge in 2016. Moran’s campaign is self-classified as traditionally conservative. According to his website, Moran believes life begins at conception and is a firm supporter of the Heartbeat Bill passed in Texas. He also claims he will take strong action to secure the border. Moran claims to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and will oppose any effort to abridge the constitutional right. Along with this, he is not a supporter of critical race theory and believes that schools are teaching a Marxist ideology.