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“Outer Banks”

April 6, 2023

Since “Outer Banks” erupted onto the scene in 2020, it has been one of Netflix’s most popular shows, netting in over 2 billion dollars in profit. Just recently the third season of “Outer Banks” was released, and it did not disappoint. The treasure enthusiasts continued their quest for gold except this time it was for something bigger, the El Dorado.

“In the new season of ‘Outer Banks’, I thought the storyline of discovering more history than gold was fascinating. I enjoyed the world building and conquest that led outside of the Outer Banks,” senior Seth Trusty said.

The first two seasons of “Outer Banks” have been set on a group of teenagers with nothing to lose who set out on a quest to change their lives. But this season, whilst doing this, they fought to protect everything they have up to this point. 

The character development is also a huge part of this season. People like Pope and JJ undergo significant change throughout the season. Pope focuses on discovering his family’s history while JJ has a lot of internal struggles due to trust issues from his dad.

“My favorite character this season was definitely Pope,” Trusty said. “He was the most invested in everything going on and had multiple different plots.”

John B’s two season journey finally ends with him reuniting with his thought to be dead father, Big John. They continue to go for the big gold conquest as father and son.

Overall, there were many concerns going into season three about continuing the success, but after watching, many are still intrigued and excited for season four.  

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