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Digesting the truth

The disguised reality behind the girl dinner trend
Truth Dukes
A popular trend, commonly known as girl dinner, took over social media and normalized irregular eating habits.

Girl dinner is a widespread common ground for a lot of teenage girls. This catchy saying
evolved into a seemingly innocent trend of girls sharing what they have for dinner from
pistachios and coke, to a store-bought piece of cake and popcorn for a side.

As a result of this relatable trend, people started forming their opinion. A lot of people saw over this facade, and saw “girl dinner” for what it truly presented itself as; disordered eating.

Social media has an active effect on society’s eating culture, and this trend emphasizes the
negative messages that are disguised within these 15 second clips of someone’s “meals”.

Nevertheless, a lot of people do not acknowledge the adverse reverberation of these videos. Not only do they provide an unhealthy example of peoples’ meals, but they encourage that is how people should be eating.

Even attempting to mirror this trend in your own meals is unsafe no matter what. The bottom line calorie intake for women ages 15-20 is 2,200 calories a day. Not meeting this recommended limit leaves potential for physical and mental repercussion.

These consequences could be anywhere from muscle deterioration, mental fog, and the inevitable end—an eating disorder. No “relatable” trend should promote initiating a toxic relationship with food for young girls.

The fact that people advocate for disordered eating through this trend isn’t what’s surprising- it’s the fact that it has now become so normalized to the point it has become something that continues to be expected.

Subsequently, the recent uproar of the “girl dinner” trend does not mean we need to continue to be oblivious toward the potential for harm that can come as a result of participating in this trend.

To work toward societal growth, it is more than necessary to work together to change the standard of participating in disordered eating habits.

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About the Contributors
Kate West, Staff Writer
Kate West is a new addition to the THS Publications team. She is a hard worker and is dedicated in almost every aspect of life. West will work on any task at hand, no matter how hard or frustrating it is. Her interests outside of writing consist of playing with her dogs, spending time with family and painting. She is more than excited to see what newspaper has to offer. 
Truth Dukes, Social Media Manager
Truth Dukes is a third year returning year staff photographer and is the current Social Media Editor for photography. She enjoys creative multimedia work, and plans to study Media Marketing after high school at the University of North Texas. Truth is excited to help lead the photographers this year aside the other photo editors, but is sad to finish her last year of being a staff photographer.

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