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Under the radar

Many teens struggle with anxiety that goes unnoticed
Blaise Larry-Cox
Photo illustration demonstrating how students often mask their feelings. Factors such as school can cause anxiety.

The halls buzz with students excitingly chattering with peers; however, among these students, others can be seen with heads down not talking to anyone and filled with anxiety.

School is a place where students learn and socialize; however, for some teens, it’s the peak place for anxious feelings. They worry about grades, friends and the future. It can be too much to handle and often goes unnoticed. 

The stress continues to pile on them.

On top of all of the school work, students can find little time for themselves to relax. They often can’t find time for fun in between school and homework. They may also be pressured to make plans with friends, leading to more stress and anxiety, which tends to be forgotten.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 7 people from ages 10 to 19 undergo mental health issues, and they often go unnoticed and untreated. Anxiety just continues to rise in teens. The number of kids and teens with anxiety went up 20% from 2007 to 2012, just 5 years. 

School puts a lot of pressure on students to be perfect. Teachers pass out tons of homework each night. Students must study and do piles of homework to get good grades. They must get good grades to get into a good college, which parents frequently expect. Schools and parents hold students to unrealistic expectations.

I believe that anxiety should be recognized more. It’s more common than people realize. Students that constantly show a smile on their face, usually struggle the most with mental health issues. Many suffer in silence either because they want to handle it themselves, or they’re too scared to say something.

Teachers shouldn’t expect so much from their students, and parents shouldn’t put so much pressure on them to be perfect. If it goes unnoticed for too long, these problems could lead to more mental health issues, including depression. Anxiety needs to be taken care of before it can get any worse.

I’ve tried to reach out and talk to people, but often get dismissed, like it’s not a real problem. They tell me that I’m not in any hard classes and there’s no reason for me to feel overwhelmed or struggle in school. Because of this, I’m not getting the help I feel that I need. If teens reach out, they should be taken seriously. They should feel safe talking about their problems, instead of feeling like they must handle it themselves. More people should recognize anxiety.

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About the Contributors
Haley Waddell
Haley Waddell, Staff Writer
Junior Haley Waddell is a second-year staff member of the Tiger Times Newspaper. She is a part of the JV cheer team, Rosebuds Junior Garden Club and National Honor Society. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. Waddell always tries her hardest to get the best grades possible. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to the beach. She is the oldest of five and is constantly driving her siblings around. Waddell has high hopes for the future. 
Blaise Larry-Cox
Blaise Larry-Cox, Culture Editor
Blaise Larry-Cox is a senior and second year Publications member. He is the Culture Editor, a first year photographer and the producer of the THS podcast, Breaking Snooze. Outside of publications he is in Model UN, STUCCO, and multiple other things that look good on a college resume. He would love to help anyone with anything, because he definitely doesn't already have enough to do! He plans on helping the program win awards such as Gold Crown and Pacemaker in order to cement Texas High as the best publication in Texas. In his free time you can find him editing videos and photos for his instagram account, @blaisefilms, or grilling, which he annoyingly posts on his Snapchat story, “Tonight’s Dish”.

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