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A woman speaks in several different languages. Texas High offers various languages other than English.

Bilingual benefits

Story by Kamryn Jean, Staff Writer May 17, 2022

With a variety of cultures already occupying the United States, not to mention all of the foreign cultures we have yet to experience but understand, learning a new language is vital. Language learning...

Junior Celia Moreno Gonzales, freshman Kynlee Flippen and alumnus Willis Green stand with pride. Gonzales is a foreign exchange student from Spain, Flippen shared a memorable experience with her father and Green was a high school student during the era of educational integration.

Three stories. 300 words.

Reporters were asked to write stories with only 300 words. This proves that it is not the quantity of words on a page that makes a story captivating but the quality of words. Every perfect stranger has...

Senior Lauren Allred makes a play from shortstop to first base in varsity softball game. Allreds ability to be a utility player aided her in landing scholarship opportunities.

Ragin’ Cajun

Story by Kailyn Williams, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

Lights shining bright. Fans and family screaming. The most competitive division of travel softball. The electric atmosphere of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium. Senior Lauren Allred recalled playing...

Defining Generations

Defining Generations

Story by Zoe Rushing, Design Editor April 20, 2022

People will always find a way to dislike each other. There will always be something that can be used as false justification for hatred and one of those ways that’s been done is age. More specifically,...

Hands grab at a plate of cookies. Senior Aislyn Echols investigated the legitimacy of the placebo effect through a taste test.

Distrustful tastebuds

Story by Aislyn Echols, Opinion Editor March 10, 2022

The placebo effect is a psychological theory in which a patient with a non-viral or bacterial alignment is told they are being given a drug to cure them when in actuality they are given a fake drug. The...

Many students struggle balancing the necessity of sleep with the concerns of the waking world.

In the need of ‘Z’s

Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-in-Chief March 9, 2022

Darkness is filled with nothing but the glow of flickering street lights and the occasional owl or squirrel soaking in the silence. Stores are spotless and closed until sunset. Most people should have...

Texas Highs Robert Cheney stomps home plate as a statement to the Arkansas High team when scoring on a walk. The cross-town rivals faced off in the Border City Battle on March 5, 2022, in a tournament hosted by Texas High School.

Tigers take the Ax

Story by Samuel Cody, staff writer March 6, 2022

The battle of the ax rivalry is still alive but in a different aspect. Rather than the two teams clashing helmets they faced off on the diamond.  Fans from both teams filled the stands and were shoulder...

Advanced artisans

Advanced artisans

Story by Kamryn Jean, Staff writer February 28, 2022

There often comes a group of talented students who flourish in the art studio. They are praised for being visionaries and commended for their astonishing ability to create what they have learned and what...

Many famous books have been adapted as films, but they often dont hold up to the original source material.

Beautiful book to bad blockbuster

Story by Gracie Tucker, Staff Writer January 11, 2022

“That movie was so good,” all the time this is what we hear, but most of the time those who say this have never read the book. Little do they know the movie destroyed the storyline and details that...

The homeless population in Texarkana seek refuge around an abandoned business in the downtown area.

Displaced and destitute

December 1, 2021

Texarkana has some of the most diverse people and problems in the world. This philosophy applies to the homeless population as well. In this three-part series, we take a look at the people and problems...

Buy, wear, trash, repeat

Buy, wear, trash, repeat

Story by Zoe Rushing, Advertising Editor November 23, 2021

What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a marketing and production method that focuses on producing mass amounts of cheap, trendy clothes that are made to resemble catwalk clothes and trendy styles of the...

Lachell Baselle works at the TISD COVID testing site on Waterall Street. The testing site is available to students and faculty experiencing COVID symptoms.

COVID care

Story by Olivia Huckabee, Staff Writer November 15, 2021

TISD opened up a free rapid COVID testing center on Oct. 4 for students and faculty. The site is a drive-thru testing site located at 1600 Waterall Street, which is in the TISD services building’s parking...

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