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Olivia Rodrigo releases second album
Anna Bell Lee
The lead single “vampire” for Olivia Rodrigos new album GUTS plays on a phone.

On Sept. 8 2023, Olivia Rodrigo’s second album was released, and fans are already loving it. Rodrigo’s new album, “Guts”, is rapidly climbing up the charts and has shown no signs of slowing down soon. It has 12 tracks that Rodrigo feels strongly about and wants to share with listeners worldwide. Guts is a sequel to Rodrigo’s previous album, “Sour,” which was released in 2021. Soon upon the album’s release, it already had over 100,000 pre-sales across music platforms. 

Sour captivated Rodrigo’s emotions on her speculated breakup with her boyfriend (believed to be Joshua Bassett). Her new album proves that she craves revenge, although she is still not entirely over said boyfriend. Rodrigo wants anyone listening to grasp how she felt during her teenage years, which seem filled with countless moments of change and growth.

Rodrigo released her songs “vampire” and “bad idea right?”, as singles before releasing the entire album. This tune gives insight into her new energy and her determination to see her ex, despite those around her, as well as her own subconscious, telling her it’s a bad idea. Rodrigo’s fans know all too well about toxic ex-boyfriends; therefore, this song resonates well with her and viewers. 

If you’ve ever found yourself paranoid about something you’ve done at school or perhaps replaying a scenario in your head that no one else has had a second thought about, the “ballad of a homeschooled girl” song is something you may relate to. This song gives viewers a chance to connect with Rodrigo while describing her feelings of awkwardness and self-hatred as a teenager. 

Other tracks on this album that fans are finding themselves being able to empathize with are “vampire,” a tune about her feelings of being drained by someone who had bad intentions, “love is embarrassing,” which lets her audience feel her embarrassment towards a past relationship that failed, and “making the bed,” which provides listeners with a tune that thoroughly explains how Rodrigo feels disenchanted with the fame she’s received, and how she feels like her friends aren’t real and are just using her for her big platform.

Rodrigo inspires her fans daily with her gift for putting into words the feelings that they have felt a thousand times. After hearing the entirety of the “Guts” album, it’s evident that Rodrigo has no shame in putting her emotions out there for the world to see, and she takes ownership of her feelings to show fans that their feelings are valid. “Guts” is a renewed turn on the relatable quality of Rodrigo’s music that fans appreciate and value worldwide. 

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Kateleigh Crowson, Staff Writer
Kateleigh Crowson is a first-year staff member of THS Publications. She is an active member of STUCO, Leader in Me and the Tiger Theatre Company where she serves as the Advocacy Officer. For fun, she enjoys dancing, reading, watching dance moms and facetiming friends. A fun fact about Crowson is that she is left handed. In the future, she plans to become a CPA because she loves math.
Anna Bell Lee, Managing Editor/Webmaster
Anna Bell Lee is in her second year on the newspaper staff and is now Managing Editor and Webmaster. She is passionate about life and everything she does. She is a very organized and Type-A person but also loves to go with the flow. She loves her dog as if she were her child and would do anything for her. Lee plans on going to college for either nursing or journalism.   

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