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Pizza pandemonium

A new pizza line attracts many students
Caden Jackson
Pizza in hand, senior Nevar McCoy walks through the pizza line in the cafeteria on Sep 20, 2023. The pizza line is the newest addition to the variety of food offered at Texas High.

Students run from their classrooms as the lunch bell rings, eager to be the first in line. Many students tend to go crazy over the new pizza line. 

This new lunch option began in late August. Since then, it has become the most popular line in Texas High’s cafeteria. The line goes out the door, and it’s hard for others to get in and out.

However, the new hit line has only two options: cheese and pepperoni. This leaves students with little choice. Other students, who prefer different types of pizza, may like it better if it had more variety.  

Some students even believe that this line isn’t worth it. These students prefer to bring something from home or go to a different line. They believe that the pizza isn’t that good and the line is too long. 

“I think it’s overrated because people will stand in line all lunch period just to get a pizza,” junior Madison Turner said. “The pizza is good, but it’s not good enough to stand in line that whole time.”

Several students want to get in front of other people and get their pizza first. Principals and school security guards have started monitoring the line, trying to ensure that no one cuts. However, some still manage to slip through and move up in the line.

The pizza running out on me kind of sucked, because everything else just doesn’t make me feel [good] when I eat it.

— Kyleigh Watt

“I hate that people are cutting [in line] already,” freshman Savanna Waddell said. “Too many people have cut in front of everyone else, so the principal and security guard are trying to stand over there and make sure no one else cuts.”

Despite these negatives, many students still get excited to get their pizza at lunch. However, the pizzas sell out quickly, usually in the first ten minutes of lunch. While many manage to get pizza before the line closes, many more students don’t, and they may be getting tired of it.

“I think the limit is probably the worst thing,” sophomore Kyleigh Watt said. “The pizza running out on me kind of sucked because everything else just doesn’t make me feel [good] when I eat it.”

Even with the limit, at the end of each lunch, empty pizza boxes get piled high. They can be seen all around the cafeteria and courtyard. Some students will stack up the boxes at their tables towering over those sitting there. 

In the month that the pizza line opened, it became very popular. The students’ response to it likely foreshadows its return for the rest of the school year.

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Haley Waddell, Staff Writer
Junior Haley Waddell is a second-year staff member of the Tiger Times Newspaper. She is a part of the JV cheer team, Rosebuds Junior Garden Club and National Honor Society. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. Waddell always tries her hardest to get the best grades possible. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to the beach. She is the oldest of five and is constantly driving her siblings around. Waddell has high hopes for the future. 
Caden Jackson, Visual Journalist
Caden Jackson is a first year staff visual journalist. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and trapping in his free time. He especially likes going hunting with his father. After high school, he plans to go to Harding or SAU and major in some kind of animal field and become a Game Warden.

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