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Gracyn Upton

Gracyn Upton, groups and teams editor

Looking forward to her third year as a yearbook staff member, Gracyn Upton (who sometimes gets called Gracy because apparently the “n” is silent?) usually finds herself stressing over things that aren’t that serious or picking her eyelashes off due to the stress from those things that aren’t serious. You may find her saying she is the sports editor because she can’t seem to remember that she is the teams and groups editor along with Sophie Cree and Arden Spence. When she isn’t working, stressing or picking her eyelashes out (who am I kidding, she’s never not picking her eyelashes out), she is normally out with Kayla and many others playing (more like watching others play) sand volleyball at FBC. When she isn’t out and about, she is at home watching too many tv shows with her mom while her very cute, but very annoying, little sisters interrupt a 30 minute show causing it to last an hour. Although Gracyn thinks she is ready to leave high school and  take on the “adult” life at whatever college she goes to, she will most definitely cry when she thinks about not being with her friends and family whenever she wants. In reality, she already has. She will always be thankful for her time at Texas High because it gave her the amazing friends and great memories she has today and forevermore.

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Gracyn Upton