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Ruth Heinemann
Ruth Heinemann is a first-time member of the Tiger Times staff as a junior at Texas High School. She is an exchange student from Germany and is spending 10 months in the US. For that time, she is living with her host family. So far, Ruth doesn’t have much experience in journalism, but she is looking forward to learn and to get to know the whole staff. Since English is not her native language, she hopes to improve her writing skills during the year. She loves everything related to music, especially her piano which has been one of her greatest treasures for the last six years. Most of her friends would claim that she talks way too much and way too fast. Whenever Ruth is in a bad mood, she usually eats a lot of Oreos and dances to her favorite Spotify playlist. After she graduates high school in Germany in 2022, she is hoping to go to university. Besides that, she has no clue what she wants to do in her future after high school. But for now, Ruth is very excited for her year in America and what it has to offer.

Ruth Heinemann, staff writer

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Ruth Heinemann