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One nation under flames

One nation under flames

Story by Reese Langdon, Feature Editor September 17, 2021

Nearly twelve billion dollars in damages. One hundred twelve million tons of greenhouse gases released for generations ahead to suffer through. Eleven million gallons of fire retardant, causing chronic...

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America: a first impression

Story by Ruth Heinemann, staff writer September 25, 2019

America is probably one of the most prejudged countries in the world for good and bad reasons. That is why most of the exchange students, including myself, already had a lot of stereotypes in their head...

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One out of six

Story by Margaret Debenport, culture editor October 30, 2018

To begin reading this article, take a look around you. Take a look at your friends, and at the people who aren’t really your friends in the room. Close your eyes and go to your favorite place – look...

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My American life

Story by Maryam Kulaib, staff writer September 21, 2018

At the moment I feel like the happiest person in the world. I'm in America. I'm in an American high school. I live with an American family. I'm a teenager from Azerbaijan who became an exchange student...

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Schemes of the States

Story by Grey Johnson, entertainment editor May 28, 2018

Distrust for centralized government has been a staple of American culture from the beginning. This distrust comes in many forms such as simple caution, owning a gun, going off the grid or believing in...

Columbus: hero or villain?

Columbus: hero or villain?

Story by Maddie Anderson, staff writer January 10, 2018

Each year, Christopher Columbus seems to be resurrected and spark the never ending debate: greatest explorer or indigenous destroyer? The 15th century explorer’s voyages brought so much knowledge to...

American flags wave in remembrance of those fallen on 9/11.

In remembrance

Story by Tye Shelton, staff writer September 14, 2015

It is a day that many remember, but few understand. The chaotic, devastating scene 14 years ago, Sept. 11, 2001, changed America as we know it. While many moments in history call for the answer to the...

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