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Photo Illustration. Freshman Jlijah Wright poses for a photo. Wright suffered an amputation of one of his toes.

More than a stubbed toe

December 2, 2019

Freshman Jlijah Wright was racing through his house when he rammed his toe into a pipe in the ground. What started as a stubbed toe, however, soon became a trip to the emergency room and more pain than he originally thought. Why did you have to cut your toe off? I had a blood clot and it got an infection...

Sophomore Kyzia Johnson writes her name on the board during class.

Can’t slow her down

December 25, 2015

A simple decision. A complicated outcome. One internal struggle between pride and life. The knowledge that time is irreversible weighs ominously on the girl’s mind. Once a formative has been determined there is no turning back and the decisions made now will influence the very essence of her being. ...

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