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Senior Brendan Jackson is practicing his long jump during a track competition. Jackson has been part of track and field, boxing and taekwondo for many years.

Strengthening dedication

May 23, 2018

Inhale, exhale. Sweat beads down his head and he pushes forward, never pausing to take a break. With every swing and kick adrenaline pulsates through his body as his muscles tighten rapidly. Each motivational thought surfaces to his mind and powers his unstoppable endurance. Senior Brendan Jackson has ...

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Face of the game—Chaz Davis

September 25, 2015

The cooling breeze sweeps through the yard and catches the falling autumn leaves to create a heap. Standing at one end of the field is a young boy, eagerly awaiting his cousin’s signal. With his cousin’s nod, he explodes to catch the perfectly aimed pass and breaks through the pile of leaves on h...

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