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Graphic by Addison Cross. TISD is one of many school districts across America that has worked to improve school accommodations for dyslexic students and recognizes October as Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Alphabet soup

October 18, 2019

October is awareness month. From breast cancer to pasta, this time of year is jam packed with causes to celebrate fundraise, and research. With so many events in only 31 days, it’s easy for things to get overshadowed, such as dyslexia awareness.  TISD is one of many school districts across Americ...

photo illustration by Emilee Slayton

Grasping on to hope

November 2, 2017

The drive was infinite. She had no clue who this man was, or where she was going. The little girl tried to focus on what was outside of the truck. The towering trees. The absence of light. The fear overpowered her. She looked forward and saw that they pulled into a worn down parking lot, a veil of dar...

Junior Jenna Mitchell donates to the Battered Women's shelter through the Art Club.

Aiding others through art

October 31, 2017

Art Club is currently accepting craft supplies, as well as DVD donations, for kids who are victims of domestic abuse. The drive is being held with the hope of spreading creativity and art by opening up a positive outlet for the children. The Domestic Violence Prevention Center reached out to the club to help garne...

graphic by Langley Leverett

David’s law classifies cyberbullying as a punishable crime

October 25, 2017

A life is lost, a sense of security is lost, and what remains is a broken family. One in three adolescents will experience a cyberthreat online in their lifetime, and many more will have to overcome the invisible trauma it leaves behind.  On June 9, Greg Abbott signed into action David’s Law, which i...

National Diabetes Awareness Month

National Diabetes Awareness Month

November 13, 2015

Ten finger pricks and six shots of insulin over the course of a day equals 3,650 finger pricks and 2,190 shots of insulin over the course of a year. These numbers don’t even include the countless low and high blood sugars that a diabetic has to manage almost everyday. November is National Diabet...

Cherish the moments

Cherish the moments

October 29, 2015

The doctor left and the door slipped shut with the final verdict hanging in the air. Silence resonated and all eyes were glued on the ground, the ceiling, anywhere but the mother’s face. Everyone had thought of the possibility, but never did they think breast cancer as a definite prospect. In 2...

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