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Church on the Rock's youth pastor leads during worship. Churches gathered together on Oct. 21 for Fields of Faith via livestream.

Apart but together in faith

October 22, 2020

Students' hands are raised and voices can be heard over the worship music. Students from all over unite for one purpose: to hear the gospel preached by their peers. Wednesday marked the fifth annual Fields of Faith in Texarkana. However, this year was like never before.  “[The goal of Fields of Faith is] to give ...

The pastor of Church Under the Bridge Cody Howard pats a church member on the back. Church Under the Bridge meets in rain or shine near the downtown area.

A home for the homeless

February 15, 2019

Human beings may be prideful and too proud to own up to pain, but when it comes to drastic weather we are quite intolerant. One man has stood his ground in the torment set out by God in the face of a low temperature. A man with the determination to permit a message from the bible in sub-freezing tempe...

The inside of a church Ali Richter has visited during her travels. Submitted photo.

Just massing around

November 13, 2015

Early Sunday morning I walk into a classroom that is hastily decorated for a church service and filled with around 20 native islanders. Everyone rises, and they begin singing hymns, but it is far from the ordinary American church service. There is a man with a tambourine, a group of people who stomp the...

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