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The College Board recently announced that the format for the SAT will be shorter and entirely online beginning in 2024.

Putting it to the test

Story by Nashita Kalam, Staff writer February 16, 2022

After constantly writing personal essays, submitting transcripts and counting up community service hours, there is only one more component left to complete the college application process: submitting a...

Cutting college costs

Cutting college costs

Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-In-Chief December 6, 2021

A significant portion of senior year is spent preparing for life after high school. Whether this means racking one’s brain with college essay topics or filling out applications for full-time jobs, students...

Senior Logan Pilgreen reflects on how she was able to become a college athlete early. Pilgreen graduated in December which allowed her to join Stephan F. Austin Universitys soccer team for the spring semester.

She shoots to SFA

Story by Kailyn Williams, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

Four minutes left in the biggest game of the season. The Lady Tiger soccer team faced off against the Lady Tigers of Mt. Pleasant. Senior Logan Pilgreen is set up on the goal line after a penalty kick...

Is the dual credit associates degree path worth it?

Is the dual credit associates degree path worth it?

Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff Writer November 4, 2021

College is something every student thinks about at least once in their four years of high school. It can become very stressful to think about. Juggling high school and college classes at the same time. Many...

Almuni Salem Karr and Cate Rounds lead rehearsals for Puffs during the fall of their senior year. Karr was the head stage manager for this show.

Karr-ving her future

Story by Stephanie Jumper, editor in chief June 26, 2021

Pre-show chatter fades into silence as the lights dim, turning all attention to the main event. White rays engulf the stage as raw emotion from characters echoes through the theatre. From the first lines...

The classes are harder, you’re in a different environment and this is probably the first time you have been completely independent.

Breaking the code

Story by Cate Rounds, editor in chief April 21, 2021

When going off to college, everything is new and terrifying. The classes are harder, you’re in a different environment and this is probably the first time you have been completely independent. The one...

photo illustration.

Athletes and their futures

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor March 22, 2021

Carter Maneth hits his ball onto the green from the fairway at the Tiger Classic earlier this year. Maneth has committed to play golf in college after high school.

Commitment over COVID-19

Story by Graci Henard, staff writer February 24, 2021

As senior Carter Maneth walked down the fairway on the final hole of his last Tiger Classic, he knew all he had to do was par and win the tournament by nine strokes. He had dreamed of this win since he...

Due to the unfortunate chain of events that occurred in 2020, many students have found themselves having to rethink their future careers.

Careers, college and COVID

Story by Maria Rangel, staff writer January 18, 2021

Before March 2020, Americans were unaware that the coming year would become a living nightmare. The pandemic threw 22 million people out of work in the spring, with unemployment totaling 140,000 in Dec....

Senior Graci Henard practices her drives during practice. Henard has faced the trials of applying to college during a pandemic.

A test in patience, perseverance

Story by Graci Henard, Staff Writer October 14, 2020

My parents did everything right. They entered me in the highest quality tournaments, knowing college coaches would be watching. My dad and I began emailing college coaches at age 13 so they would know...

Graci Henard, Janie Rounds and Owen Likins are among the many seniors who were unable to complete their season.  However, theyve continued to practice and stay hard at work.

After hours

Story by Caden Rainwater, Sports editor June 4, 2020

They've waited the entire year to play the game they love. Whether it was beating the school record, competing with their friends, or even dedicating a season to their past coach, it's safe to say no one...

10 different high school students posed for their photo after discussing their future plans.

10 people, 10 paths

Story by Peyton Sims, Culture editor May 22, 2020

One question can go a long way. With hundreds of students passing through the halls, class after class, no one gets to hear their story. Students’ ambitions portray the character of an individual more...

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