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Texarkana, Arkansas Sgt. Jeremy Gordon helps senior Garret Burks with his homework as part of the Police Mentoring Program. Some believe that police officers are misunderstood and stereotyped.

The good behind the blue

February 4, 2019

Growing up with a police officer as a father makes me proud. Whenever he would come to have lunch with me during elementary school in his police uniform, I felt thrilled because I knew that he protected people and the community for a living. I remember that I would go to the police station with my father ...

Students ability to drive to school affects their high school experience. Access to a vehicle prompts a higher social status than students who do not have this privilege.

Cruise control

November 16, 2018

The begging and pleading for a ride in high school is a common question among students. Most teens at our school do not have cars, but there are a lucky few. Cars are generally expensive and leave you at an advantage point regarding where one can and cannot go. Having this privilege can potentially affect...

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