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A woman speaks in several different languages. Texas High offers various languages other than English.

Bilingual benefits

Story by Kamryn Jean, Staff Writer May 17, 2022

With a variety of cultures already occupying the United States, not to mention all of the foreign cultures we have yet to experience but understand, learning a new language is vital. Language learning...

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Culturally diverse books

Story by Andrea Loredo, staff writer April 3, 2020

Books can take us to many different places and introduce us to many different cultures. They can give an insight into other people's lives and how differently they live. Authors write about their life...

Senior Hannah Klein reviews Latin transcribing notes. The Latin program is  expanding and adding to its curriculum.

Reviving a dead language

Story by Kate Morgan, staff writer February 6, 2019

Vox Populi. The voice of the people. Centuries ago, Latin was a language commonly spoken throughout the ancient world. As time passed and empires changed shape and form, Latin changed into what is known...

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