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Dancing for the world

Dancing for the world

Story by Jhovany Perez, feature editor April 25, 2018

Music flows from the speakers as he begins to take the stage. His body flings and twist into rhythmic moves, each perfectly synced together. Through his dancing, he is able to get the crowd pumped while...


Passion beats talent

Story by Molly Kyles, staff writer April 10, 2018

Ever since we are born, we let ourselves be limited by fear. We don’t walk till we’re sure we won’t fall. We identify our talents early and stick to them. We don’t try anything unless we know we...

Sophomore Remington Cook pursues a hobby in learning to film and creating his own videos. What started as a school project, quickly morphed into a sparking passion.

An escape from reality

Story by Grey Johnson, staff writer January 11, 2018

Video. Film. Hundreds and hundreds of frames. Hundreds and hundreds of minutes of work, of dedication. All for this. All for those precious couple of moments. But it’s more than that, it’s for the...

A captured dream

A captured dream

Story by Jenny Gonzalez, staff writer December 25, 2017

No emails. The following day repeats with the same news, no emails. Each dreaded day slowly passes by. Every time there’s nothing but the words inside his head telling him don’t give up, this is just...

Its all theater

It’s all theater

Story by Addison Cross, staff writer October 19, 2017

To her, it doesn’t matter if she’s in a costume or a cardigan. To her, it doesn’t matter if she’s in the lights or working them. To her, wearing the microphones and putting them on are equally...

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