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Top types of food Texarkana needs to have

October 4, 2019

If there’s one thing that unites all people, it’s food. Everybody likes to eat. However, Texarkana, despite its abundance of American and Mexican options, is deprived of several other cuisines that many cities have the luxury of eating and bonding over. Based on a student poll, our town is in ne...

Southern Tropics opens with a hefty line that awaits the cold treats.

Popular shaved ice shop reopens for spring

March 20, 2015

Tiger’s blood, Wedding Cake, Fuzzy Navel, oh my! On March 1, Southern Tropics opened its doors once again to grace Texarkana with its delicious shaved iced. Despite the recent cold weather, many students have already gotten their first few bites of this sweet treat. This shack on Stateline has bee...

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