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The School Newspaper of Texas High School

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In response to Uvalde tragedy, the state and district make changes regarding school safety measures.

New year, new rules

Story by Nashita Kalam, News/Feature Editor October 7, 2022

Change is coming to the campus. It is inevitable due to the fact that the safety of students is at risk. It will be something that will affect all students and take time to get used to. But it will be...

A TISD guard directs after school school traffic. The TISD traffic guards work shifts before and after school.

Traffic ahead 

Story by Stephanie Jumper, feature editor March 30, 2021

For as long as schools have different do’s and don'ts of attending, there will be students who ignore policies while skimming the never ending list of rules and regulations. While bending a few rules...

For the first ten weeks of school, students who arrived early were allowed to remain in their cars; however, administrators are now in full-throttle to prevent students from staying in the parking lot before the first bell.

Parking problems

Story by Graci Henard, staff writer November 5, 2020

There’s a saying that a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch. That’s what has happened with students sitting in their vehicles before school starts. For the first ten weeks of school, students who arrived...

Photo illustration by Margaret Debenport. A young woman clutches her keys in a parking lot.

Safety First

Story by Staff February 5, 2020

There is no arguing that changes in society have created an atmosphere of worry and danger. An atmosphere in which young women alter the way they complete certain tasks in order to ensure their own safety...

Junior Briley Court photographs himself with his hospital brace. He was hospitalized after an impactful car accident.

From broken to believing

Story by Cameron Murry, staff writer May 28, 2018

The shatter of glass. The sound of tires screeching on pavement. The noise of car horns honking and sirens wailing. The crushing of a spine. A life changes because of the absence of a seatbelt. Reflect...

graphic by Langley Leverett

Safety measures prove to be useless

Story by Hollan Borowitz, staff writer May 2, 2018

The Parkland shooting. 17 dead. 17 injured. Countless affected. An entire country scarred and bent on new regulations. Since Feb. 14, the United States has been on edge. From coast to coast, citizens from...


Look ahead to safety

Story by Tiger Times Staff April 12, 2018

Since 2013, there have been more than 300 school shootings in America. There have been at least 17 shootings in 2018 alone, averaging more than once a week. Students don’t think it will ever happen to...

Screenshot taken of winning Tigervision PSA.

Tigervision places third with PSA

Story by Kristin McCasland, viewpoint editor March 18, 2015

Tigervision recently placed third out of 16 schools in a regional competition hosted by the Texas Department of Transportation. Seniors Austin Ryden and Matthew Crawford and junior Connor Williams created...

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