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Fifth grade students at Westlawn Elementary build model rockets, designed to teach them the laws of motion. Science Club has traveled to this campus twice, as part of their local outreach.

Reaching out through science

February 9, 2018

Science Club members traveled to Westlawn Elementary and helped fifth grade students explore the use of mechanical energy by creating javelin rockets on Thursday, Nov. 9 and Friday, Jan. 26. The purpose of the activity was to teach the fifth graders to investigate the effect of force applied to a rubber band on ...

Smaller club gives students unique opportunities

Smaller club gives students unique opportunities

October 4, 2016

Students munch on trail mix and sip noisily from their juice boxes as they watch the teacher work through the problem step by step on the board. Warm and inviting faces surround them, eager to help with whatever problem they have or don’t understand. Foldables and worksheets clutter the table in front of t...

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