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Birth control is one of many aspects that is not covered in abstinence-only education. According to Planned Parenthood, only 18 states have legislation that require educators to share information about birth control.

A safer sex ed

August 25, 2018

A look around shows a large room as middle schoolers and high schoolers gather and peer at a small screen showing the dangers of sex, condoms and birth control. Many students blush, sweat or giggle under their breath as the sex education professional warns of how not adhering to abstinence will have life-al...

Why our school is silent

Why our school is silent

December 18, 2015

It’s a hard topic. Parents dread saying it, children dread hearing it, and most of all schools dread discussing it. The phrase “sex education” triggers extreme reactions in most people. Many believe that abstinence should be the only option for all unmarried persons. Others embrace the reality that...

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