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In the roller coaster of ups and downs that high school offers, these eight reasons supporting sophomore supremacy make it clear 10th graders are in a great position. For the most part, sophomores get away with using their remaining youth to avoid responsibility and emerging adulthood to justify their freedoms. 

Sophomore supremacy

April 17, 2020

While they may not be as optimistic as freshmen, as dedicated as juniors, or as mature as seniors, sophomores are in the high school sweet-spot, the “Goldilocks Zone,” of all four years at Texas High. Tenth grade offers important advantages and an environment that makes all other years seem dull...

Texas High gains new grade-level principal

Texas High gains new grade-level principal

September 29, 2015

Straightening his glasses, he approaches his assigned position and awaits the influx of teenagers to surround him, ready to greet each of them with a cheerful “Good morning.” New sophomore principal David Lee’s began his career in education in smaller districts, but despite the size of his working...

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