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SOUL, a Christian organization, meets in Seth Schirmer's room every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Fellowship is medicine for the soul

February 1, 2018

Welcoming students exchange greetings with each other immediately after walking into Seth Schirmer’s classroom. Their friendliness illustrates their love of Jesus. Everlasting friendships are created. Worshipful experiences replenish hearts, biblical messages spark newfound understandings. Around Chris...

Seniors Lois LeFors, Paige Eaton and Maddie Bowman volunteer with SOUL, a Christian organization, to minister to children after school.

SOUL to help minister kids every other Thursday

November 9, 2017

There is nothing more inexplicably pure than the genuine smile of a child. Whole faces lighting up, eyes squinting and heads thrown back. Nothing touches the human heart quite like that kind of innocent and untainted joy. And nothing is more rewarding than being able to put that smile on a child’s f...

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