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Junior Macy Sloan pets her horse, Jazz. Sloan has participated in competitive dressage events for the past four years.

Saddling up for success

January 10, 2020

Training an animal triple one’s size to move gracefully with just a pull of the reigns is no easy feat. When the movements are scrutinized by a panel of judges who are trained to notice every mistake, the process becomes even harder. Junior Macy Sloan takes on the challenge every time she saddles up for d...

Tee off to a win

Tee off to a win

November 3, 2014

Fighting through tough competition and a rain delay, the Texas High boys golf team finished first at The Tiger Classic golf tournament. The team made solid chips, drained putts and blasted off the tee box over 36 holes at the Texarkana Country Club through Oct. 10-11 to shoot a score of 591. “I...

Tigers suffer tough loss in home opener

Tigers suffer tough loss in home opener

August 30, 2014

We really played hard we just didn't finish. We've got to regroup and get it back together for next week.

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