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Wide receiver Tre Roberts protects the ball from the Tyler High School Lions on the run after a catch. Texas High School defeated Tyler High School 41-21 Thursday, September 24th, at Rose Stadium.

Tigers first triumph over the Lions

September 25, 2020

 The Tigers went into the locker room after their season opener against the Tyler Lions with their heads high and spirits even higher. The Tigers started slowly in the first couple drives, but once they got their rhythm, they began firing on all cylinders, winning 41-21.  The Lions were off to a slow start as well g...

Texas High run through

Face masks for all

September 18, 2020

High school football is no joke in Texas. We live off the excitement before the first game of the season when we are just a city with a dream. This is the unparalleled excitement before each season that is being threatened to be taken away. Having, or not having, a football season affects more than just ...

Graci Henard, Janie Rounds and Owen Likins are among the many seniors who were unable to complete their season.  However, they've continued to practice and stay hard at work.

After hours

June 4, 2020

They've waited the entire year to play the game they love. Whether it was beating the school record, competing with their friends, or even dedicating a season to their past coach, it's safe to say no one saw the ending of the 2020 school year coming so soon. Due to COVID-19, many high school students...


The never-ending world of sports

April 6, 2020

In the world of sports, everybody is familiar with football, baseball and basketball, but there is more to the world of sports than what is being shown on TV. While many enjoy participating in traditional sports, some people get bored of them, which is why they are using their creativity to create enti...

Graphic by Anna Grace Jones

Matters of the heart

February 13, 2020

It can hit anytime. It can hit in the first minute of practice. It can hit at the first play of the game. It can hit going into the locker room. It can hit away from the school, away from the field or court when there’s nobody there to respond. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is an electrical malfunct...

Damon Goddard evaluates junior Graci Henard on her range of motion. The golf team began training with Goddard this fall.

Big name for a big season

November 21, 2019

Texas High’s golf team has undergone a switch in procedure targeted to improving players on and off the course. Both the boys and girls tend to settle into a routine of hitting the range and playing the tees. However, a new year and new coach have brought about an abrupt change for the program. A change that starts with a 6 a.m. wake up call. This semester...

Junior quarterback Rian Cellers avoids a Wylie East defender to complete a pass in the 40-13 win. The victory kept the post season hopes alive for the Tigers.

Playoffs or bust

November 6, 2019

Six games. Seven teams. Four spots. The UIL Football State Playoffs is the ultimate standard to which any high school football team hopes to be able to hold themselves to. However, the Tigers didn’t make the playoffs last year, breaking a streak that has lasted for over a decade. This year, after ...

Devun Saveall checks up on a previously injured player at a football game. The student trainers work very hard at sports events to maintain the safety of players.

Behind the scene team

October 31, 2019

On the sideline at every game. Waiting to give players water. The first ones on the field when a player gets hurt. These people are our sports medicine students and athletic trainers.  Sports medicine is one of many beneficial classes for people who want a future in the medical field. Students that a...

Tracy Cooper rushes against Mesquite Poteet defense on Oct. 11, 2019. The Tigers lost to the Pirates with a score of 10-55 to remain winless in district play.

A numbers game

October 17, 2019

Despite the struggles the Texas High football team has faced throughout the 2019 season, there is still hope to see the Tigers in the first round bracket of the UIL Football State Playoffs.  With three games left to play in the schedule and four Friday nights left during the regular season of dist...

Serve, swing, win

Serve, swing, win

September 27, 2019

A slump in sports is essentially a dry spell or drought used to define a player or team’s deterioration during their career. This troubling "spell" in sports happens to players and teams ranging from every level of every sport. Most athletes are far too accustomed with the idea of being in a slump, e...

Quarterback Rian Cellers scrambles to elude Pflugerville defenders in the Texas High School vs Plugerville Henderson High School game. Due to the distance between the two schools, the teams played the game at Stuart B. Lumpkins Stadium in Waxachie, Texas on Sept. 29, 2019.

Early Woes

August 30, 2019

On Thursday, August 29th, the Tigers traveled to Waxahachie to face the Pflugerville Hendrickson Hawks to open up the season. In the end, the Tigers were overcome with a score of 7-21, an improvement over last year’s 7-56 blowout.  The entire first half was filled with both teams going back and ...

Graphic by Joseph Rodgers

The dog days of summer

May 24, 2018

TISD will host various summer camps and programs for a wide range of students. There are opportunities for high school students to learn, expand their thinking and assist teachers in the programs for younger students. “High school students who want to be involved in the camps, but are in the upper gra...

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