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Twitch users mourn the removal of PogChamp emote after its untimely demise near the peak of its internet fame.

Nothing to be hyped about

Story by Phoebe Neff, copy editor January 16, 2021

Following the events of the Jan. 6 pro-Trump riots on the Capitol building, livestreaming platform Twitch made the controversial decision to ban the vastly popular emote PogChamp which was used in in-stream...

Graphic by Langley Leverett

Where dreams come true

Story by Joseph Rodgers, news editor April 6, 2018

Currently, a trip to Walt Disney World or a login to Netflix will take you to the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but soon, you will be able to enjoy your favorite Disney content all in one place from the...

Who needs cable anymore?

Who needs cable anymore?

Story by Dewitt Fortenberry, staff writer January 28, 2016

After enduring a long day of school and finishing all of my homework, I find myself with extra time on my hands. I could either try to catch a random episode on TV or watch the episode that I missed on...


Periscope and the Digital Media Revolution

Story by Zach Friedman, staff writer November 23, 2015

The ease of media engagement in today's society has reached staggering heights. Never before has it been so easy to find out what’s going on around the world, all at the command of our fingers. But a...

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