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Leah Crenshaw, Mary Kaye Crenshaw (mother) and Claire Taylor (grandmother) hold a picture of Leah's uncle.

My invisible uncle

February 24, 2015

Like most high school kids now, I don't remember much from 2001. I don't remember the first Harry Potter movie premiering. I don't remember my first few days of K4 classes at St. James Day School. I don't remember my uncle, Michael Morgan Taylor, stock trader for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor...

Senior Lauren Gibbert and juniors Madison Winchell, Paige Gibbert and Carley Wallace

In a matter of seconds

February 18, 2015

Four minds, four hearts and four bonds that could never be broken. A memory that will never fade from their minds. On this night, the lives of four innocent girls nearly diminished as they made their way down the road to pain, heartache and fear. Beyond the joyful thoughts, never-ending laughs and friendly...

Madison Winchell sits with family in her room in the rehab facility at St. Michaels Hospital

A different kind of thankful

December 17, 2014

Waking up and not knowing where you are, or how you got there can be a scary thought. A thought that you only wish could be a dream. One moment you’re asleep, and the next you’re awake without any idea of how you ended up there. On Nov. 21, four girls experienced an event that will never be forgotten....

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