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Battling burnout

March 13, 2020

The “King of YouTube” PewDiePie, vlog-star Elle Mills and parody creator Alex Wassabi are all wildly successful in their own right. Between them, millions of fans check in every time they upload on YouTube. So with all of their perceived success, why have each of them (and countless other creators) ...


Losing individuality through technology

April 2, 2018

The daily ritual. My sister’s little body runs by me as fast as any child who is on a sugar craze. Ignoring everyone in her path and the loud noises of our family, she picks up my mother’s pink, sparkly phone. Everyone knows what she’s doing. She runs back to her room filled with an infinite am...

The 'evolution' of Youtube

The ‘evolution’ of Youtube

January 31, 2018

YouTube, the free online streaming service, is a household name. From funny cat videos to karaoke versions of every song ever made, it’s where everyone goes if they want to entertain themselves. However, it's no secret that the YouTube of today is wildly different compared to that of its beginning. Yo...

An escape from reality

January 11, 2018

Video. Film. Hundreds and hundreds of frames. Hundreds and hundreds of minutes of work, of dedication. All for this. All for those precious couple of moments. But it’s more than that, it’s for the satisfaction of completing another masterpiece. Sophomore Remington Cook has made about 26 short films in total....

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