The old man with a plan

Jackson deserves to keep place on $20 bill

Story by Alex Heo, sports editor

When the U.S. Secretary Treasury Jack Lew announced that starting in 2020, a woman will be featured on the $10 bill, many Americans were enthusiastic and deservingly so.

Suggested women to share the $10 bill with Alexander Hamilton, such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony, are women who deserve the respect that comes with being on the bank note. However, many others are arguing that a woman should get a bill for her own.

In most debates, the most often solution suggested is taking former U.S president Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill due to Jackson’s tyrannical actions during his time in office. Despite the fact that his tenure as president is remembered for the the Indian Removal Act and the Bank War, Jackson deserves every bit of recognition as the unnamed woman and a spot on a U.S bill.

Jackson is being aimed to be replaced due to his “tyrannical” nature as a president and his tendency to be ruthless to Indians. However, other presidents on the bills had their flaws too.

Lincoln, often regarded as one of the best presidents in history, suspended the writs of habeas corpus during the Civil War, a move that violated the free speech right. Ulysses S. Grant was a weak president whose tenure was plagued by government corruption. Clearly the qualifications of being on the bill don’t include being flawless.

Jackson fought governmental corruption and represented the common man.”

— Alex Heo

Jackson fought governmental corruption and represented the common man. His controversial Indian Removal Act was made so that there would be more land for white males to plant cotton. His infamous bank war started because he thought that only the wealthy benefited from it. Two of the biggest flaws during his tenure were made with the interest of the common man. In a country where the founding fathers decided that the government was to serve the people, an argument could be made that Jackson was simply doing his job as president of the U.S.

“Old Hickory” grew up in poverty and did not receive a proper education, yet he still became the leader of his country. Could you imagine a guy like Andrew Jackson, who lacked a formal education and was a self-made lawyer, competing against real estate tycoon Donald Trump,  famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson, or even former First Lady Hillary Clinton?

His presidency clearly showed that every American has an opportunity to succeed with hard work and determination. Sounds familiar right? This lesson is the fundamental belief in the “American dream” that many immigrants hung onto in their transition to the states. Jackson essentially represented the American dream before the term was even coined.

Perhaps Jackson wasn’t the most ethical president, but he was one of the most influential presidents in history. Jackson represented the people as a president and the American dream as the face of the $20 bill. Now isn’t that a symbol worth having on the center of our bill?