Time to Trump the competition

Story by Jay Williamson, sports editor

Bernie Sanders, the surprising, upstart Socialist Democrat who garnered international fame for providing a fresh, different take on politics that appealed to younger, Democratic citizens who were tired of the same old, corruption and dishonesty that is a staple of the Clinton family, came out of nowhere to challenge the lone Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Yet, even with all of his support, Bernie Sanders wasn’t able to win the nomination, because the leaders of the Democratic Party knew whose ‘payroll’ they were on. This meant that they would not allow for anyone to have a realistic chance of stealing the queen’s title, even if it meant illegally coordinating efforts between delegates, party leaders and the Clinton campaign to insure that the Democratic nomination would fall to Hillary Clinton. However, this isn’t the first case of Hillary Clinton conspiring to make herself more powerful, just another example in a career defined by corruption, selfishness and greed.

The Republican candidate Donald J. Trump however has had a career defined by success and achievement and not tainted with corruption.

Donald J. Trump is a businessman from New York who graduated from Fordham University in 1968. Trump took control of his family’s massive real estate company and renamed it the Trump Organization, quickly making it one of the most successful businesses in Manhattan, and helping create many of the landmark buildings located there.

In 1978, Trump took control of the bankrupt Pennsylvania Railroad, and in a matter of months was able to turn it around and make it as profitable as its peak in the early 1900s. He helped to expand the business to where it connected with multiple different sections, in Pennsylvania and New York.

Until 2015, Donald Trump was one of the most successful real estate moguls in the United States and would manage to keep his company alive during the great real estate collapse of the 1990s. By the early 2000s, Trump Organization had expanded from New York to Los Angeles and was more profitable than ever before.

Trump would turn his attention to politics in 2015 because he realized that there was no candidate more qualified to manage a stagnating economy and create jobs than someone who’d already been doing it for forty years. After a hard fought race against 21 other Republican candidates, Trump would win the Republican nomination and become the official Republican nominee.

One of the main differences between Trump and his competitor, Clinton, is that Trump has an actual economic plan that appeals to middle class and blue collar workers. He is going to allow tax breaks for middle class workers and American businesses, while also generally lowing taxes for all to allow for economic growth. Clinton has only an ambiguous Democratic concept that, in the end, won’t create jobs and instead will increase the amount of people dependent on welfare and make the rich even richer.

Across the board, Trump will lower taxes for all socioeconomic groups with the inclusion of incentives and tax breaks for companies that don’t outsource to poorer countries, where they could potentially hire cheaper less skilled workers.  These companies will allow many Americans the opportunity to no longer have to be reliant on the government or scared they won’t be able to put food on their family’s table by creating employment opportunities.

“Make the economy dynamic; bring back jobs from China & Mexico” Trump said.

Many critics slam Trump because they believe he has no real knowledge on foreign policy or they believe he is too brash with his words and wouldn’t be able to correctly negotiate with other world powers. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, they say has more experience since she served as Secretary of State. However, while serving as the Secretary of State, her personal email was hacked and it contained of 3000 emails that contained classified information, which has led to the deaths of undercover agents and unbelievable complications regarding global politics.

Clinton also has no real plan on defeating ISIS, which is now daily forcing hundreds of thousands of people to migrate from their homes, executing horrendous terrorist attacks, and jeopardizing the peace and sanctity of free countries all over the world. Trump plans on increasing the funding of NATO and working with the Russians, however to defeat an organization that endangers millions on a daily basis. Instead of training middle eastern troops and giving weapons to groups of people as done by both the Bush and Obama administration, which resulted in many soldiers deserting  the army and form their own terrorist group (essentially what happened with ISIS), he plans on taking the fight to ISIS because that is the only true way of solving a problem that plagues the entire world.

“When you love America, you protect it with no apologies.” Trump said.

As the voting day draws nearer and nearer, it should become clear that there is only one candidate that has America’s true interests at heart. One candidate who plans on re-establishing global and economic safety, the likes of which we won’ see if Hillary Clinton is elected. Just as Bernie Sanders found out and all of America would learn, Hillary Clinton is corrupt and will do whatever means necessary to accomplish her personal goals, even if it goes against the will of the people.