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Burn it

Flames consume a page of her journal. She has kept a journal for all four years of high school to help her cope with her father's alcoholism and her brother's drug addiction.

Story by Colton Johnson, feature editor

November 16, 2016

She tears the ink stained page from her journal and holds it to her face. Look at the words. See that they are real. Understand that this happened. Burn it. She holds the flame under the corner of the paper. A coffee-stained circle begins to emerge, quickly turning black. The flame magnifies...

A light in the dark

Photo Illustration: For the sake of appearances, parents often force their children to participate in activities they aren't interested in, such as cheerleading.

Story by Colton Johnson, feature editor

November 2, 2016

She smiles, and through her smile, she glows. She is vibrant. She radiates a presence that has the power to ignite a room. She is a light, and that’s all anyone sees. What they don’t see is a confused, 4-year-old girl trying to understand why her parents filed for a divorce. What they don...

Bruises and broken bottles

Bruises and broken bottles

Story by Colton Johnson, feature editor

October 18, 2016

“We never told anybody. We just said she slipped on the floor. That’s what my mom told us happened. She said she just slipped on the floor.” She remembered the slamming of the door as her dad stormed into the house. She remembered the alcohol on his breath and the anger in his voice. She rem...

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