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Colton Johnson

Colton Johnson, editor in chief

If a tragically humiliating outbreak of stress hives the week before Prom didn’t stop senior Colton Johnson from obtaining ⅓ of the power over the print newspaper along with his fearless co-editors in chief, then it seems that nothing can truly break this free flyin colt (knock on wood). In his three years serving on the newspaper staff, he has stumbled his way through InDesign, gotten into one too many political debates and learned to utterly loathe the oxford comma. He balances his schedule by, well, he doesn’t. Time management is not a gal he has befriended quite yet; she’s more of an acquaintance at the moment. While being the “good cop” of the newspaper, he can also be found hiding out in the hallowed halls of the theater surrounded by a bunch of crazy thespians. This thespian is probably stunting in something thrifted from goodwill, but you wouldn’t know that. He hopes to audition for colleges and be as successful as Rachel Berry even though the odds may not exactly be in his favor. He is excited for his senior year and hopes that the pictures and videos that come out of it will be up to par for his Instagram. He makes it through the day by remembering to live for the moments, knowing that there are always better things to come and standing out of sunroofs when he feels most alive. [email protected]

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Exhume their stories

March 12, 2018
Senior Colton Johnson and freshman Cate Rounds sing together during Oklahoma practice. The show will open tomorrow, and stay open through the weekend.

The curtain is calling

January 11, 2018
Its just stage fright

It’s just stage fright

November 30, 2017
photo from creative commons

On a high note

November 14, 2017
graphic by Langley Leverett

Bending to a puppeteer

November 3, 2017
Students enthusiastically greet one another during the first Tiger Theatre Company camp.

Back to the Stage

August 17, 2017
Flames consume a page of her journal. She has kept a journal for all four years of high school to help her cope with her fathers alcoholism and her brothers drug addiction.

Burn it

November 16, 2016
Photo Illustration: For the sake of appearances, parents often force their children to participate in activities they arent interested in, such as cheerleading.

A light in the dark

November 2, 2016
Senior Ohemaa Barnes raises a fist, echoing the Black Power movement of the 60s. Barnes aroused controversy when she kneeled during the national anthem Saturday morning.

She will not be silenced

September 28, 2016
Writing it down

Writing it down

January 5, 2016
Sophomore Savanna Kennedy writes song lyrics in her journal.

Pitch perfect

December 8, 2015
Turning the page

Turning the page

October 27, 2015
Before I die I want to

Before I die I want to

August 29, 2015
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Colton Johnson