New Sonic on Summerhill


Paige Huddleston

A worker puts the finishing touches on the awning of the new Sonic Drive-Thru on Summerhill Rd.

A new Sonic Drive-In is currently being built a mere mile down the road from our school. The new Sonic will be a convenient place for students to go after school and will be a welcome addition to Summerhill’s businesses.

“The new Sonic is going to be super turnt,” Senior Zack Norton said. “It’s going to be super packed everyday and it’s a better place to hang than the parking lot.”

Construction began May 18, when Jakes Car Wash was torn down to make room for the new construction. The foundation has since been laid, and the framework of the parking spots is currently underway. According to the corporate headquarters, the new Sonic is planned to open by the end of November.

Many students are eagerly anticipating the opening, seeing the new Sonic as a great place to meet friends and grab a snack.

“I’m really excited about the new Sonic because I just got my license and it would be an easy place to get a drink after school,” sophomore Ricky Cooks said. “I can go to happy hour everyday now.”

While most students are happy about the Sonic, some are dreading an increase of traffic and fear that Summerhill will always be crowded and hectic.

“I like the fact that there will be a new Sonic opening soon because it gives me a nice breakfast option that is close to the school,” Senior Jonathan Asher said. “But I’m not sure if it’s going to be worth the crazy traffic. It might be easier to go somewhere else.”

Although concerns have risen regarding how this new addition will affect the already busy traffic, it will be built with an entrance off of Summerhill as well as a new access road being built to connect Summerhill to nearby Bryce’s.

“I don’t think the traffic will be that bad, and the benefits will definitely outweigh the problems,” Junior Cecilia Goesel said. “I think it will be a great new fast food place and will be great for our students.”