Watch the watch

New Apple Watch is ready to be released for sale, but this review says to be weary

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How do I make my watch better than that person’s? This is a question that has been secretly on people’s minds for many years. But with recent technology advancements, we did the impossible. We turned a computer… into a watch.

On Sept. 9, Apple announced it’s new Apple Watch. The product is intended to be released to the public “coming early 2015.” If the watch sells anything like the iPhones, this wrist wear will be everywhere in no time. Before you know it, they will be in restaurants, your homes, your stores, even schools.

With this new technology coming soon, another question arises. How will schools make rules around this new fangled tech?

The course of action I see some schools taking is they ban watches altogether. This would be an awful decision because here at Texas High not all the classrooms have clocks in them. If you don’t have a watch there’s a feeling as if you are cut off from the rest of the world. The watches will help that feel of isolation, but also cause a problem because it’s more than a time telling device. Teachers will be able to spot out the students who have smart watches. For example, it’s easy to tell if a kid is messing with their watch for more than 5 seconds, obviously something is up.

The other things that schools may do is revert to only analog watches. That’s a bad idea to me. If there are any kids out there like me, analog watches and clocks might as well be rocket science.

My personal opinion is that schools should just let them pass. If you see a kid check anything besides the time on it, general cell phone policy should apply. Like the old saying goes, strict parents make rebellious kids. So if the school lets them pass, kids may not use them as much.

Though, one thing is for sure. The smart watches will be here soon. So a decision should be made quickly. Whether they are banned or allowed to pass, there is no ignoring the incredible Apple/Samsung/Google watches.