‘Back to the Future 2’ predictions fall short for today


Photo from www.newsweek.com taken from original “Back to the Future 2” movie.

Living in the present feels a bit like facing a parent after a bad report card, and having them say “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” The parent, in this depressing scenario, is representing the people of the past and their hopeful if a bit too optimistic expectations of the future.

These high expectations have plagued each generation as movies made in the past have reached the times they’re set. From2001: A Space Odyssey” to “Back to the Future 2”, mankind has let down its predecessors for decades.

The truth of the matter is that this planet is currently inhabited by a bunch of slackers who haven’t even come close to being able to apparate a cheeseburger into thin air. (I don’t care if it’s impossible, darn it!)

The aforementioned “Back to the Future 2,” which is actually set in 2015, made some pretty laughable predictions. In Doc Brown’s warped version of the future, there is an organization called the U.S. Weather Service that, not only controls, but plans the weather. If that were doable in this day and age, we would hopefully see a lot less teenage boys in athletic shorts in 20 degree weather. Knowing teenage boys, though, probably not.

In the “Back to the Future 2” universe, there is also a hovercraft and flying cars. The drawback of this otherwise awesome scenario is that hovercraft is basically a skateboard that floats a few inches off the ground. Which, I mean, hello? Give me a skateboard and a roof and I could do the exact same thing, with a little bodily harm thrown in for extra.

Fear not, dear reader, for although we might not be able to fly around in our cars, mankind has achieved some remarkable things. The world’s first bionic plant was created in March, and it’s able to sustain itself in nearly every condition. In September, an MRI was taken that recorded the thoughts and memories of the patient for future playback. 3D Printing has enabled the printing of new organs for those in need of them.

We have access to things today that would have blown the minds of people living only 20 years in the past. That, in my mind is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Even if the present is not as cool as it could be, hey, at least we don’t have 19 “Jaws” movies.