Queen B snubbed at Grammys


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The crowd is is buzzing with anticipation as the nominees are read off. People at home are sitting on the edge of their couches and recliners as the names appear on screen along with snippets of their songs. Prince begins to tear open the card to read the winner. The award for best album of the year goes to…Beck. Wait, that can’t be right. It should say Beyonce. However, it didn’t. The singer took the stage to claim his award, as undeserving of it as could possibly be. Beyonce, the queen of the music industry, was robbed.

The nominees for Album of the Year were Beck “Morning Phase,” Ed Sheeren “x,” Sam Smith “In the Lonely Hour,” Pharrell Williams “Girl,” and of course, Beyonce for her namesake album. It seems obvious who should have taken the award this year, however, the majority was shocked when Beck’s name was called. Kanye West actually jumped up on stage before thinking better of it and sitting back down. His frustration was obvious about the Grammy’s snub. He knew, as the rest of us do, that Beyonce should have won.

Official album cover "Beyonce."
Official album cover “Beyonce.”

On December 13, 2013, Beyonce released her album on iTunes. There was no prior announcement. No promotion. Just an Instagram video teaser with the caption, “Surprise.” “Beyonce” was meant to be a visual album, a music video for every song. The album is complete with fourteen songs and seventeen videos. The album broke the Itunes record for first week sales in only three days with 828,773 digital copies. It reached the top spot in 104 countries, according to Apple.

Beck has nothing on this album. His success is completely moot in comparison. Whether it was sexism or even racism that stopped Queen Bey from claiming her title, the world knows that it wasn’t fair. Fans have already started up an outcry on social media. Obviously, Beck’s album is irrelevant compared to Beyonce’s. And he knows it too. Beck released a statement saying he believe that Beyonce was going to win, and he was just in shock to be chosen.

In any case, the Grammy awards were covered with unfairness for many amazing artist this year. However, Beyonce’s case is just shocking. It doesn’t make sense that her amazing album would be passed over for one that many hadn’t even heard of before the award show. I think the world has officially proven that we don’t deserve such as talent as Beyonce to live among us. This is a silent shout out to Beyonce for having the greatest album of the year, no matter what anyone at the Grammys say.