Finding their zen

Rosebuds held a yoga meeting to relax before the annual teacher bake sale on Nov. 21


Photo by Lauren Gibbert

Senior Megan Haselow hits crouching asana with fellow Rosebuds’ members in Cafeteria

Rosebuds Garden Club held a yoga class for its members in the cafeteria Wednesday, Nov. 5. The class was led by instructor Colleen from TXK Yoga. The session gave the girls an opportunity to relax their minds in the middle of their school week.

“This is the second year we have done yoga, and in the past we have done Zumba,” senior Rosebuds president Caroline Purtle said. “We got good feedback about the switch from last year, so it made sense to do it again. It was a very relaxing meeting and is mainly just for fun. The instructor really got into it and taught us the ins and outs of yoga because most people there were beginners.”

Not only do the members get a free chance to unwind and bond, they also talk about one of their upcoming projects.

“During this meeting, we start to talk about the bake sale that is coming up soon,” junior Savanna Shively said. “We sign up for the dessert we plan on bringing and figure out all the details on that event. The yoga part of the meeting is just a bonus.”

While most of the girls had already been to the meeting as a rosebuds member the previous year, many were new to the group.

“I’ve been to a yoga class before so I kind of knew what to expect, but it was definitely a lot more fun to be able to experience it with everyone in Rosebuds,” sophomore Mary Claire Paddock said. “I think the yoga was a good way to get us all to be at the meeting and enjoy ourselves.”