Bettering the community

Better Block alters Downtown


Photo by Misty Morris

Alongside RailFest, Better Block Texarkana was all day Saturday, May 16.

During Better Block, small business owners occupy buildings along Broad Street and sell their products to visitors.

“I love Downtown Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas,” BL Tees Apparel owner and Better Block vendor Cassidy Lavender said. “I see a vision for this town and I want to see it redone.”

Better Block Texarkana is an event that has been taking place downtown for the past two years, giving people a chance to see how the area could potentially be.

“There were stores all over downtown, shops on every corner,” longtime Texarkana resident Elsie Moore said. “We used to go to downtown a lot. Bryce’s used to be there before it moved. A lot of places have moved out of that area. There were a lot of people, too. People walking up and down the streets. You don’t see much of that anymore.”

Rain or shine, Better Block Texarkana still prevailed.

“I’m having a blast,” said Lavender. “The rain has kind of put a little damper on the day but we’re under an awning so we’re doing great.”