Tigers with attitudes

Students dictate new names for student section and student body


Emily Meiner

Seniors Colton Russell, Colby Gillespie and Jacoryon Larry hold T.W.A at the JV Football game against Arkansas High.

As the pressure mounts and the days dwindle down, the upcoming game this week will see the birth of a new teammate that the opponents have never faced before.

Recently, seniors Colby Gillespie and Chaz Davis took to Twitter to ask for a helping hand in finding a new name for the student section.  

Tigers with Attitude, or TWA, is the unofficial name that fans hope will see a permanent home in Grimm Valley.

“We went to Twitter, and Colby Gillespie asked THS publications (@THSStudentMedia) to come up with a name,” Davis said. “Inspired by ‘Straight Outta Compton’, Tigers With Attitude just stuck alongside our new hashtag Texas Takeover.”

With this new idea, the fans hope the spirit level will be at an all-time high.

“I hope TWA is sitting in Grimm Valley Friday, getting real rowdy,” Davis said. “ I want them real loud, wanna hear them all game just a lot of energy.”