Weber crowned Miss THS, Rommel is King


Megan Brandon

Principal Brad Bailey crowns Leighton Weber Miss THS 2015-2016.

The girls stand across the stage with bright lights casting a glow on the sparkling dresses. A feeling of excitement and anticipation hangs in the air. After careful thought, the judges announce the winner of the Miss THS pageant, junior Leighton Weber.

“Whenever they called my name, I was so shocked. I thought [the judges] had made a mistake,” Weber said. “No one has taken it away yet, so I was really excited.”

Third runner up was senior Madison Maynard, second was senior Allie Beth Hatfield, and first runner up was senior Abby Hill.

“I was so happy because this was so much fun,” Hill said. “But it just seems like something I would not have. I was surprised to even be in the top seven.”

In addition to the Miss THS contest, the second annual Tiger King was crowned. Senior boys raised funds to benefit the Thirst Project, and whoever raised the most received the award. The Tiger King is senior Carson Rommel.

“[The money] is going to a good cause, so I am very happy were able to raise as much as we did,” Rommel said. “It’s pretty amazing, and it will benefit a lot of people.”

The Miss Congeniality award is voted on by the contestants, and the award was given to senior Jada Holmes.

“I loved this because a lot these girls are in my class and seniors, and I don’t have a lot of senior friends,” Holmes said. “When I met them, I was excited. They are all really sweet and a lot of fun.”

The pageant gave contestants an opportunity to bond and meet new people.

“Everyone else was so deserving of the crown. It was such a great experience to get to know all of [the contestants,]” Weber said. “A lot them I wasn’t close friends with, so it was a really great experience and I got to meet a lot of really great girls.”