The magic continues

Tiger Theater Company’s UIL One-Act Play wins first at district, advances to next competition


Photo by Megan Brandon

Junior Gabe Lohse performs as Harry Houdini in “The Last Illusion.” The one-act play will advance to area after winning the district competition.

On March 15, the Tiger Theater Company won first place at the district UIL One-Act Play competition. This was the first time in over ten years Texas High will be moving on to the area competition.

“We advanced to bi-district in which we compete against all of the schools in two districts that advanced, making the competition more difficult,” said All Star Cast award winner Grace Hickey. “It is really nerve wrecking but also exhilarating because we have not made it this far in 14 years. We are going to be in a completely new space, so the whole thing is really out of our element.”

The play was entitled “The Last Illusion” and showcased a variety of “magic” acts. There was much effort put into building the set and making sure the play went as smoothly as possible. The tech crew, along with the actors and actresses, had to put months preparation into making the performance a success.

In addition to the company winning first place, individual awards were also given by the judges. The awards were given to those whom had dedicated their time and every effort into putting forth their personal best performance.

“It’s a huge honor receiving best actor,” said award winner Gabe Lohse. “It inspires me to keep pursuing acting as a career and I hope it goes to show that if I can win an award, then anyone can.”

Tiger Theater Company will go to their next competition on Thursday, March 24. They have added additional practices between competitions to continue to improve the performance.

“I feel we deserved this win. We’ve worked so many hard, countless hours in this show and I believe it takes that much dedication to create a great show,” sophomore Amber Savage said. “Everyone had a good different kind of feeling about the show this year and our feeling was right. I completely believe in this show.”