Coming together in prayer


Photo by Alexis Runnels

Students across the nation bow their heads in prayer at the See You at the Pole event.

See You at the Pole was Wed., Sept. 27. Every year on the National Day of Prayer students gather to lift up their schools, peers, country and everything in between.

The event is completely student led and allows students to spend time showing their love for each other.

“We love each and every student at this school and we want to pray for them,” senior Jonathan McDonald said. “The stuff that has happened previously [just shows why] we should pray for them because a lot of students do feel alone and that others don’t care about them. See You at the Pole is a way for them to go out and see other students caring about them.”

To many students this event means unity and connection.

“There’s so many ways in which we’re divided in this society,” senior Landon Ryden said. “[This] is a way for us to get together and show that we love our nation. In this one case we come together.”

Area youth pastors also enjoy getting involved, often bringing donuts and drinks for students who choose to stand around the flagpole.

“I come out to See You at the Pole every year to support my students, but also so I can see the students doing something really great on their own,” First Baptist Wake Village youth pastor John Yates said. “One thing I love about it is that students do all of this by themselves and they do a great job of praying together. I hope this shows Texas High that students are more than they think they are, that they do care about God and being unified together in prayer.”

The organization SOUL headed the service.

“We’re a student organization called SOUL, which means ‘Serving Others with Unconditional Love’, and that really shows what our purpose is,” Ryden said. “We meet on Mondays and Thursdays after school in Mr. Schirmer’s room.”

Anyone who wishes to attend the SOUL meetings are welcome and encouraged to do so.