Writing for sport

UIL Ready Writing is preparing for upcoming season


Rivers Edwards

Mrs. McCaleb gives guidelines to students about UIL Ready Writing. Competitions pick up in the spring.

Story by Salem Karr, staff writer

Writing can seem strenuous to some, but to others it’s a hobby and passion that calls for early Saturday mornings, lots of planning, writing and thoughtful class discussions. UIL Ready Writing is a competition made especially for these people.

“UIL Ready Writing is a competition where contestants receive two different prompts and have two hours to respond to one of the prompts,” UIL Ready Writing coach Mrs. McCaleb said. “It is expository writing, so the competitors are explaining their ideas rather than debating each topic.”

UIL Ready Writing has a slow start at the beginning of the year, but picks up speed in the spring.

“During the fall we have online competitions for practice, and then during the spring we have about five or six meets,” Mrs. McCaleb said. “We start at district and then regionals and state. We can have up to four people and then alternates.”

Mrs. McCaleb believes that UIL Ready Writing is important for her students.

“My whole goal as a coach is for my team to become better writers,” Mrs.McCaleb said. “If they can become better writers and put themselves in a timed position and still excel, then that’s what is important. I want my competitors to push themselves individually, and do the best that they can.”

Writing isn’t just a hobby for the Ready Writers, it’s also a competition.

“Of course the expectation is that we are going to go to district, then regionals, and finally state,” Mrs.McCaleb said. “But it’s more important for me to see everyone’s growth as writers.”

UIL Ready Writing holds practice during B-Day enrichment. If you are interested in participating in UIL Ready Writing, contact Mrs.McCaleb.